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A Tip for People Who Don't Speak English Well

So I teach some Argentinian students online. We always put on live captioning in Zoom.

Maybe you guys know this, but why not turn on zoom when you are watching a VW lesson.
Screen share the screen. Now you can watch the video and see the live captioning below.

Is that a good idea? Just thought I'd pass it on. It does not translate (yet), but you can at least here and read the english.

What do you think?

How about Just In Time for the tune of the month for November???

Sorry guys, I am sooooo busy it's stupid. But I want to get back to here.

A goal will help me.

We did most of my tunes from the August workshop. I keep trying to get in What Is This Thing Called Love and Donna Lee, but I'm always workin on other tunes.

So I'm working a lot on Just in Time.

Let's make it a TOTM for November.

@Oliver can you do lessons in November with the tune Just In Time? Do your dampening stuff.
@Ben How about you?

Use of vibes in pop music

I am presently involved in a recording project with a singer/songwriter. The producer is a friend of mine and suggested to the artist that he include vibes as an integral part of the background palette throughout the recording. That's where it got interesting; when he first talked to me, he asked me to send him a list of well known recordings using vibes in that way so he could pitch it to the client. I came up with a handful off the top of my head. In the end, I got the gig by knocking out a rough of what I could do for him on one track.


GUYS at 2pm EDT July 22. David Friedman is getting an award from the Vibraphone Project Incorporated (VPI).

It would be great if some of you guys were in the zoom meeting when it happens, to show support.

Brian Graiser is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Summer Vibes with David Friedman and Tony Miceli
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime
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2:00: start Legacy Awards