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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


Tribute to Mancini

I'm sure I posted this before and if I looked I'd find it. But I just thought I'd post it again, because Henry Mancini AND Larry Mckenna are truly amazing. 

Larry is a Philadelphia icon. He's 80 something now and that's sad for many reasons. I studied with him in school and have played with him for years and years. He's one of my hero's.

Settlement Music School Faculty/Alumni Band

Allstar cats here! 


There are some things to talk about here. First My mallets which are hard(er) mallets sound great here. It cuts through and you here the articulation. I'm not saying buy my mallets, but I am saying by mallets like mine. We should all have a set of mallets that cut through and stand out. 

Notice I'm playing accoustically. No microphones up close on the vibes. The band is playing to my volume. That's the way it should be in my world. You play so all can be heard. 

Wichita Lineman

I did this a while ago. I probably hated it when I listened back. But time has a way of making us more objective about our past. 


But I think this is cool. I like how I keep time even though it's slow and spacey. 


Rubato and timeless is cool, but not as a crutch. That's what I think.