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Can someone please post a video or some easy to follow instructions on how to wrap mallets for those of us that are a bit slow. I want to wrap my own mallets and find a good sound and I think a video on how to do it would be great.

Also, when/if you post it, make it viewable by all members. LOL

I'm subscribing when I get money, I swear!

-Joe Doubleday


tonymiceli Wed, 06/03/2009 - 01:41

i think there's a website somewhere that explains how to do it. maybe someone knows of it.

man it's really simple.

i never did it the fancy way, cause i just wanted them wrapped.

twist the yarn around the shaft a few times. then start going around the ball (jeez, i can't do this with a straight face. but ok) yeah then just start wrapping the yarn around the ball. go over the top but off center a little bit and then down the bottom of the ball.

just cover the stick.

when you're done, take yarn and put it through the needle. make a loop across the top and keep overlapping the previous loop. then tuck the yarn underneath the yarn and get it down to the bottom and do the same thing.

all i did was look at other sticks and figured that much out.

Tony Miceli
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Jdoubleday Wed, 06/03/2009 - 01:46

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It's just difficult to visualize. the first parts seem easy enough, but the yarn/needle/loop business throws me a curve.

vibeman27 Wed, 06/03/2009 - 06:04

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I see you also belong to bulletin board. Do a search on the board for mallet wrapping and you should be directed to many threads with information. Also there is a website that Tony speaks of directly. I've seen it before also. Will do some looking to get specific name.

late edition: Also go to the homepage and there is a link there for mallet wrapping.


late late edit:
J - go to (don't put anything after the slash)
then CLICK on the upper middle box displaying "the"
then go to the bottom of the webpage to FAQ's and CLICK on that
then CLICK on the question about mallet wrapping. Lots of good information there.

good luck to you. BruceW

vibeman27 Wed, 06/03/2009 - 06:06

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There are some sites that also include pictures. Am still looking.


BTW exactly where do you live that is so devoid of jazz??

Jdoubleday Wed, 06/03/2009 - 12:29

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I actually saw the place at the other site. The thing is that word instructions are pretty hard for me to follow on things like this. the last steps seem to get confusing. I also found a site that has some pictures at majesticpercussion. But again, the last steps are a bit confusing. Maybe I should go by trial and error.

I live right outside of Oklahoma City. It is not devoid of jazz necessarily. It is just devoid of Vibraphone players. There is actually a school near edmond (20 minutes away) that offers a minor in jazz studies (University of Central Oklahoma). They put out some great players. The reason why I don't go there is because the percussion program sucks there. The percussion teacher is purely a drummer. There are a couple of jams that happen around here on mondays and thursdays. There are only a few actual musicians that make any money at it. I usually gig with my group for about 50 bucks a person (4 people). I get about 1 or 2 gigs a month. There are about 3 or 4 places to play. The thing is that no one enjoys the music except the other musicians. I have a lack of competition here and it scares me. Country music is what is popular here. Living here and only playing jazz is a good way to be poor.

Also my school is a private arts school that is really into "new" music and classical stuff. They are really good at that stuff but the jazz program is a joke.

Either way, I learned a lot this year. I didn't even know what exactly a diminished chord was until this year or how to play over chords. I knew some and only did root position chords and different voicings of it. I've learned a lot by going to the jams and chatting with the piano players. We have one teacher at my school that gives Jazz piano lessons to about 3 students and he has helped me a ton.

There are some cats out here that can play. So devoid wouldnt be the right word I guess. I just feel like the only one at my school that cares about jazz at all. They try to tell me that is a waste of time (it might be... lol). There are 4 bass players in the whole city...

vibeman27 Wed, 06/03/2009 - 13:46

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I haven't found that other site yet. One of the better ones I had no longer exists.

I only used the words "devoid of jazz" because that was the picture you painted. It does sound familiar to me though. There are holes in time where some vibe players get all the help in the world and the rest of the time we have to deal with neglect, envy, egos ("I know but I will never tell you") and outright resentment from other musicians while we are in the learning process. You are expected to know music because others "assume" you play piano and know everything already. It sounds like at this time you are on your own and left to your own resources. Now this can be a good thing because you have joined some bulletin boards and asked for help. It will come. Just keep asking, keep exploring what you are doing, learn from Tony and the guys what and how to practice to get the most advantage from the material. And "read as much as you can from music books regardless who says you will be playing your best without books. Just be sure to internalize everything." That is my advice. You seem to be on your way. I didn't even start until I was in my late 20's.

You say you have a group and at least once or twice a month. Man, let me tell you, that is the way it is for vibe players in a whole lot of cities. As Tommy Lasorda used to say, "location, location, location." Ok, I'm getting too chatty now. Good luck to you. You'll be ok.

BruceW :-)

tonymiceli Wed, 06/03/2009 - 14:09

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there's enough going on inside of this site to change your 'scene' somewhat, at least until you can move on. there's a ton to practice and read and check out.

one bit of advice, gary grew up in indiana. i don't think that was a happening jazz place. or was it? there are guys on this site from all over the world, and they solved the same puzzles you're trying to solve. and they solved them. so don't be so pessimistic. you're in a classical school, of course they're not into jazz.

next, because people don't clap in a club, or coffee house doesn't mean they don't like jazz!! maybe they're just not clapping. the music is just background.

anyway take from one who knows, you're too negative. get positive and then change will happen. stop putting everybody else around you down (been there done that), and just do your thing and don't give up.

many players here live in all kinds of places and are figuring out or have figured out how to make a living at it.

so get some sunshine, thundercloud!!


Tony Miceli
s k y p e: tjazzvibe
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Jdoubleday Wed, 06/03/2009 - 14:28

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I don't expect people to clap for me anyways. They are usually eating lol.

I'm sorry if I sound pessimistic. I just get frustrated sometimes. You know, sometimes people can go for a couple of weeks pretty content, and then they think about how short a life time actually is and they get really stressed. I need to just learn to go with it. You guys are right. Which is why I come here. So people can tell me. I have learned a lot about my instrument and I guess I'm just taking it for granted. I just get tired of everyone telling me how awesome I played, ya know. I would love someone to walk up to me and say "Man, you suck. Try this". Ha. Because I know I can't REALLY play. I know I have a universal problem. I should chill.

I am being pessimistic :(. I should be thankful for how much I have learned this year. Man, if you guys could just go back in time and see me a year ago!

Funny story. This man called me yesterday and says "Hey this is Cal, we played once at a jam before. I was talking to your Teacher (his piano player) and we are making a new group." The man asked me to play in his group and I gladly said yes. The man came to the jam that night and we talked. Apparently the man knows my Father. He was a pilot for the US marshals and worked for my dad. Small world. Also turns out that this man is a drummer from Indiana who grew up 10 miles away from Gary Burton. He said he played once with Gary at a place called Blue Bar or something when they were in High School. Small world.

Jdoubleday Wed, 06/03/2009 - 14:35

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Thanks Bruce. You seem to be full of wisdom.

I did talk like there was no jazz and that I am all alone. I'm fine. I just have freak out moments and get frustrated.

Good thing is, they are revamping the jazz program at my school because they were hearing the complaints from the musicians.