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Who's got BIAB files they want to share? Use file attachments here.


Philippe Fri, 02/04/2011 - 11:59

Hi ! To illustrate the possibilities of BIAB , here is a bass and guitar track : 4 choruses of Days of Wines and Roses. This is the "real tracks" sound. "Real tracks" means it's a real guy playing, namely the Canadian bassist Neill Swainson, and I think it would fool anybody. This is the way I personally like to use BIAB. I mute the piano and the drums tracks, and this blend of bass and guitar is enough for me. Of course the possiblilities of BIAB are endless. You can ask it to play any jazz style, latin style or rock style, or even(perhaps less convincingly) Irish folk music. It can be an invaluable teaching aid as well. It plays solos that are...inhuman.
Let me add that I owe a great debt to BIAB. I started on vibes at 42 years old, entirely without help, and without BIAB, I think I would have given up quickly, and gone fishing.

IndianaGlen Tue, 02/15/2011 - 13:19

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2 quick comments:
1) When I tried to create a new thread in the BIAB forum, the dropdown box doesn't have BIAB in it.

2) Here is the BIAB file TOTM for "Days". Anyone, feel free to see if it works. I am curious about version issues etc.

vibraman Thu, 02/10/2011 - 08:01

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as a warm up i tried to play solo over this biab file.then i realized ok not my favorite f-maj but it´s in Db....i figured out the chords for 2 minutes and reocrded...ok i missed some chords but mainly all was there...tonys all keys things starts to work...

but to be honest i play better in F :)


angelo (not verified) Thu, 02/10/2011 - 12:26

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Vibraman, If you brought up "Days" on the BIAB screen in the key of 'Db', and favor playing in the key of 'F', why did you have to "figure out the 'chords' for two minutes, when you can click on the displayed 'Db' chord and change the entire song to 'F' in a second?

Actually, whenever I have a request for a tune, I immediately got to the "print block" (click twice) to see the full staff sheet. Then I look to see what the highest/lowest notes are and end up in the key that gives me the best sounds of the vibe bars.

I play solo at the restaurant and often have different instruments sitting in with me and when the musician favors a key for his 'horn', etc., I change the key immediately to favor his instrument and transpose accordingly. (Yep, it's challenging, often, but you deverlop a feel to make the projected event sound normal).


angelo (not verified) Sat, 02/05/2011 - 10:59

BIAB was introduced to me about 15 years ago and I have had the pleasure of surviving the many "unseen obstacles" whenever you pull up one of the 3000+ themes. Actually, the program will educate everyone and develop confidence in playing their respective melodies as they work alone. The moment that they add another instrument or vocalist alongside, certain items of concern appear.

Many musicians/vocalists cannot synchronize their ears to the BIAB song that is being played.
The reason? They need "live" musicians to "cover up" their errors and the BIAB 'firm beats' cannot be changed, as-you-go! Many of the tunes that come with the inital program have various typ errors that have to be dealt with. Always make sure that when you bring up a titled song, with the notes appearing, go to the left and click on "print" two times to see a display of the entire song, to validate all is in order. You may see missing notes, chords, etc.

I compose songs for my patrons, week after week, using the BIAB staff. It's quite interesting in writing a new melody line and then selecting the proper background rhythm style to go along.
Then, I make videos of each new melody and give the out to the audiences.

An important concern must be given to the laptop containing the BIAB program! Make sure that you keep the battery charged to 100% at all times. If you don't, the music sheet notes will be out-of-synch with the measures, etc.

Lot's to talk about and always a lot more to learn from users of BIAB.