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TOTM - Israel Lesson

I always try and play a version of the tune I'm doing a lesson on. My 2024 version of Israel is here.

Here's a lesson on Israel. I know I've put up lessons in the past. Well I didn't think of until I started doing the lessons. 

Maybe I cover some of the same stuff. However....

In this version I'm attaching a pdf of my arrangement of the head as well as some simple etudes based on the first few bars of the tune! 

My Version of Israel (To go along with the lesson) 2024

I always try and put up a version of the tune I'm doing a lesson on! It helps ME! 

I think I'll keep playing it and record another version in a few days.

Look for the lesson on Israel if I forget to put the link below. 

You can like in the the Vbooks>Lessons and technique>Tune of the month>Israel

Here's the lesson.

TOTM - Here's How You Study This - Stella By Starlight

  1. See attached file
  2. You learn it. Better if you memorize it. Know each chord you are playing. I.E. if in the 3rd bar of the tune you see Eb G Bb and D, that is NOT and Ebmaj7 chord. It's a Cmin9 chord. Get it? Look at the changes if you need to.
  3. You play it on the piano, using your left hand to play the bass notes for each chord. If the chords are in an open position and you can't play them with your right hand, then try taking the bottom note up an octave and if that doesn't work, try taking the top note down an octave. 
  4. Write in all the chords.