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Le Tombeau De Chateaubriand by Doug WALTER

I wrote this tune after seeing the majestic, mysterious tomb of the Romantic French poet, François-René de Chateaubriand.

Under a large cross, it is the only tomb on a petite isle just off the beach at St. Malo, France.

A striking vista unfolds around it.

This samba was done with our University of Colorado Boulder Jazz Faculty in Grusin Aud. on campus.

J. S. Bach, Sonata in E Major, vibes & piano

I. Adagio

II. Allegro

III. Adagio ma non tanto

IV. Allegro This recording is uploaded in honor of the brilliant hearing of Bob McCormick, Tampa, FLA.

The sonata, originally for violin and clavier, offers so many possibilities for expressive rubato it's a cornucopia of interpretive riches.

Mutsumi Moteki, piano

Recorded at the University of Colorado Boulder