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Construction Data Folding Frame DEAGAN (for free)

Since I will not be able to build more frames in the long run for private reasons, I decided to publish my construction data.
As a first step, I have published on the linked page all documents and model data to build a very stable folding frame from aluminum T-profiles, suitable for Deagan 584 Nocturne bars.

As I have time, I will post corresponding data for a Musser M55 bar set.

Realized: Twistable Fans

This is my first version of a usable twistable shaft for vibraphone fans. The concept enables the use on most vibraphones (e.g. Musser M55) for a more or less DIY-self-adaptation as a retrofit kit while continuing to use the existing drive unit.
But it took a rainy November weekend to fit the fans and coupling elements together.

That's what I've been looking for for years.

Twisting/Untwisting Vibraphone Resonator Fans

After I was very enthusiastic about the surround sound with the twisted resonator fans, but at the same time didn't want to forego the possibility to play without "wah wah" effect, I looked for a solution to realize the switching between twisted or parallel aligned fans with simple means.

The video shows a first prototype of a corresponding facility, albeit not yet in its original size.

Since the principle works, I'll start to build a full-size version.