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Paul Jefferies - Taking care of your instrument...

As you may know, I have a Premier 751, freshly restored by my husband. Still we had parts to change, advice to get for this very first time. John Daly got me a great address: Orchestral Percussion.

I’d like to introduce this one man company: Paul Jefferies has been of great help, advice and got me some lost parts. He's surely not the only one, but he's a true vibes geek… and who knows he may some day save your instrument?

Delaware Workshop 2010 - Mario: Playing In the Pit and Getting Paid for Doubles (or not)

The Mallet Kat is an incredible instrument and it makes the pit musician's life much simple. But what about doubles for the show. Now that the percussionist didn't have to drag in timpani, does he still get his doubling fees for playing Xlyo and Timp?