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About building the skill of approach notes:
I do exercises for MAJOR and DOMINANT chords playing from
-below chromatically
-above diatonically
-above-below & vice versa
-above-below-below-above & vice versa

I wonder, if in the variant of minor chords in Jazz we tend to use rather the aeolian or dorian scale. I guess dorian, but aeolian is easier to hear in the first place.

Thanks for any remarks & comments,



tonymiceli Mon, 02/20/2012 - 09:01


depends on the chord and it's function. if it's a ii V I, then the minor mode is dorian most of the time.

but remember it's the sound that counts. it has to do with the melody and context.

but you don't head into a minor and pick your favorite, you know the tune, listen to the sound and that dictates the minor chord.