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Hey you all,
I'm playing in Europe Aug. 1st through the 10th, 2014.
Hoping to connect with some of Gary's fellow improve students, vibe players, or other musicians
and maybe hang, and play. Or see them play.
I'm playing with the Central Lakes College Community Band. Mostly adults.
I play tymp on Starwars, and Tymp + Xyio on Copland and......
I'll be in London Aug. 1st - 5th,
Paris 4th
York 6th - 7th
Edinburgh 8th - 10th.
The Cartage Co. is not providing vibes. I'll play the short vibes parts on bells.

It's a big deal for me.
I was slated to play in Europe twice, then they opted for local rhythm sections, last minute cost cuts.
I've played China and Baha and love to mix with the culture and players.

Any help you could be would sure be appreciated.
If you are in these cities, or are in the know of live jazz,
please contact me, I'll share the gig date and times.

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