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Hey there how’s it going!

I want to share with you a really cool concert happening on June 25th, 2020 featuring one of the best folkloric ensembles from Colombia’s Pacific Coast- Canalón de Timbiquí. They are a group dedicated to interpreting and carrying on the legacy of the rich cultural music of Pacific Coast Colombia’s Afro population.

Forum Topic: Vibes in Tokyo

Hi there,
I wanted to put a shout out to the community to see if anyone out there lives in or near Tokyo, Japan?
I'm trying to arrange a set of vibes in August there for a show and any help would be much appreciated.
I'll also be available a couple days for lessons if anyone is interested. Love to meet some vibes players in that part of the world!


Forum Topic: any vibe players in Valencia or Barcelona?

Hey fellow vibes cats,
I'm traveling through Europe, and just arrived to Valencia, Spain this morning. I'll be here until about Wednesday (7/8), and then I'll be in Barcelona from 7/8 to 7/13. Does anyone have any leads or recommendations to any thing worth checking out Musically (musicians, etc to connect with), and in particular any vibes players in residence? I understand that there is a lot happening out here, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! - Dan

Forum Topic: James Whiting Upcoming Recording Project with Geoffrey Keezer

Hi All,

Please check out and consider pledging to my Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming recording project in New York City in December.

The album is comprised of original material and featuring some of the best players on the scene including Geoffrey Keezer (piano), Richie Goods (bass) and Jon WIkan (drums).

Pledge at:…

Forum Topic: Henk's Playing Europe

Hey you all,
I'm playing in Europe Aug. 1st through the 10th, 2014.
Hoping to connect with some of Gary's fellow improve students, vibe players, or other musicians
and maybe hang, and play. Or see them play.
I'm playing with the Central Lakes College Community Band. Mostly adults.
I play tymp on Starwars, and Tymp + Xyio on Copland and......
I'll be in London Aug. 1st - 5th,
Paris 4th
York 6th - 7th
Edinburgh 8th - 10th.

Forum Topic: Banda Magda needs vibes in Boston

Hi Folks- Banda Magda ( is playing the Regatta Bar this Tues, June 3rd. The vibes player, Mika Mimura, would love it if we could avoid bringing vibes up, so if anyone felt like seeing the show and bringing some with you, we'd be happy to comp with a plus one. It's a really fun band, highly recommended. One set at 7:30.


Forum Topic: André Juarez & Le Petit Comite on tour in Europe

Hello everybody!

I have the pleasure to announce my upcoming tour in Europe from April, 26 to May 13.
I start from Valencia, Spain, with a masterclass at Berklee College of Music, as part of an exchange program with my fellow vibraphonist and friend Victor Mendoza, and hope to play in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

I am currently in the process of booking gigs and workshops in several countries according to the following schedule:

April 26: Madrid
April 27-29: Valencia
April 30: Barcelona
May 1-5: Berlin
May 6 - 8: Lyon
May 9 - 11: Paris
May 12: Brussels
May 13: Antwerp

Forum Topic: The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group @ the Jazz Standard NYC, 3rd Dec 2013

Dear everyone at Vibes Workshop,

Finally The Joe Locke / Geoffrey Keezer Group (with Terreon Gully and Mike Pope) are back in NYC. They will be joining Motéma Music's 10th anniversary celebration for a one-off concert at the Jazz Standard on December 3rd.