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Still finding my way around.

However, Tony is offering you guys some valuable avenues to obtaining musical knowledge and information, as well as unifying a community of musicians. My experience has been that vibe players are "outsiders". Yes we provide music, good music, good additions to bands but we were never the band, mostly the guys who "stand over there someplace." "Find a spot over there" etc., etc. Things are getting better and Tony is leading the way in understanding the complexities of being a vibraphone player.

Tony is also offering a tool that is very valuable. That is Skype. If you don't have it, get it. It is totally free, easy to install. Getting a webcam makes it even better. This is a great tool for all you students of Tony and his staff. You will be able to talk directly with Tony when you have problems to solve. You will see, this site will be a cutting edge tool for uniting the vibraphone community. Join up and stay with it!!