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Forum Topic: Jazz in St Petersburg/Tampa?

Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here we go anyway. My girlfriend is going to USF for grad school (completely non-music related), and I am faced with the decision to stay where I am or follow. Of course I would like to follow her, but right now I live in Tacoma, Washington, which is about 45min south of Seattle. Seattle (and Tacoma's for that matter) jazz/music scene looks quite good, and I'm not sure about St Petersburg/Tampa, which is where USF is.

Forum Topic: Sejourne Vibe Concerto-- How to practice the runs.

Hey folks,

Been working on making more videos about stuff-- even if just streaming/bs'ing and thought this was a good one to make quick as a new member. There's an insane lick in the Sejourne Concerto and I've found a couple key ideas that work in executing it.

Here's my practice video:

Forum Topic: Vibes players in Boston?

Hi Everyone,

I'm visiting a friend of mine in Boston over the holidays who happens to live in the Berklee College of Music area. Consequently, I'll be away from my instrument for a few weeks and I was thinking it would be cool to meet up with some players here. I'm sure there must be a lot around. This place is just bustling with music. Pretty exciting stuff. So yeah, vibes players: are you out there?


Forum Topic: 1th time playing with someone

I got an email from a good friend of mine, containing sheetmusic and an MP3.

He's following Bass guitar (1th year) in the town's musicschool. And this was 1 of the excercises he needs to do.

He asked me if I can do something with it on the vibes, so we can perhaps play together.
I got immediatly excited. Up to now, I always played alone.

I'm really looking forward to it.


Forum Topic: prototype pickups and computer compositions for vibraphone

Hey everybody,

I'm working on some computer + vibraphone compositions and a set of pickups for the vibes. My idea is that the pickups are used for effects and processing on an iPhone and the dry vibraphone sound is either live or picked up with regular mics.

Anyway, here's a little demo of where I am at the moment!

And there's more information on my website if anybody is interested:

Forum Topic: Grad School Help...s'il vous plaît

Last May, I graduated from the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY with a B.S. in Music Education. Saint Rose has a very general percussion program, but jazz has always been my favorite so I went out of my way to work on that while getting my degree (not always an easy task when you're supposed to be focusing on classical percussion!). That's why I went to the Delaware workshop this summer too.