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The Enormous Amount of Material

I've been looking in the V-Books (Virtual Books) section on VW (vibesWorkshop) and I just can't believe how many lessons we have on all the topics related to playing the vibes. For example, Click here to
see just the section on chords and voicings. It's pretty amazing the amount of information we have now. 

The whole idea behind vibesWorkshop is that you should go through and look at everything you can. Find something you think you can handle and work on it. Ask questions and post yourself playing what ever the goal
of the assignment is. Most of the time you'll get feedback. If you don't, then you email me and I'll certainly give you feedback. I try to leave as many comments as I can. There's no order or method here,
you just grab something and accomplish it. Achieving goals make you great.

Ed Playing With Vibes and Hi-Hat.

An Oldie but goodie! Here is Ed Saindon playing solo vibes and hi-hat. Ed is known for his virtuosic technique, and now he adds a hi-hat to it all! Click Here to watch.

The most popular lessons

Click here to see the most popular lessons of all time on VW! It's a nice list to slowly go through.



David From 2009

I was so happy to see David when he came on to the site in 2009. I love this guy! We have been friends for about 13 years now and have released 1 cd with a second coming out soon! We've played quite
a few concerts together. He's sort of a mentor to me. Here's David playing over rhythm changes. It's great! 

How do you see the vibes? 

This is a 10 year old discussion about how each of us might see the vibraphone. First, of course the keyboard looks like a piano, but I really see this instrument as a guitar. We have the same challenges especially
when playing chord melodies, comping and playing solo. Sometimes I see it as a big drum set, after all it is a percussion instrument (just like the piano). 

Stefon btw wants to remove the vibes from percussion, just we do with the piano and in fact group it with the piano. 

Anyway click here to read the discussion.


V-Books - Players and Bands

This section if for subscribers but also members! It's a huge list of players and some of their videos. You can check them out and learn from them. This is a very very big list of players.
You can spend a lot of time here checking out players from around the world! Click here to go to this chapter in the V-books.

For example, I never saw this video before of a player names Martin Ghersa playing tango on the vibes.
I think he sounds great!


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