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Mallet Wrapping Machine

I thought it was time to present some new material here again.

Over the years, a lot of worn-out mallets have accumulated. I had the opportunity to give students a project assignment to refurbish old mallets. The result works very well. I have restored a first set of mallets with 300 windings per mallet and I am very enthusiastic. Many thanks to my student Fabian Buschulte!

In Lands I Never Saw: Double Image, David Friedman & David Samuels

The classic marimba and vibraphone duet. These two instruments are one of my favorite color contrast and sound. Especially when it’s just two players. The marimba has a steady deep side that can quickly change to a higher tone at any moment. The same goes for the vibraphone but I feel that the vibraphones tone can cut through more. So, by having the deep and higher play together sounds just amazing in my opinion.

Wanderlust: Mike Mainieri

This album, Wanderlust by Mike Mainieri, has it all. Jazz funk, R&B type beat, laid-back styles, and some ballad like songs. Each song is something unique about it. Each song showcases a different instrument or style. I love when the songs in albums don’t sound all the same. Each song has something new to share and it gives a different kind of excitement to each one.