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This 3-Octave Deagan Commander Vibraphone was made in 1972. There was actually a delay in the manufacturing process back in the spring of 1972. The anodizing equipment ( for the bars) at the Deagan factory had broken down and had delayed shipment for a few weeks from Chicago to the Sam Ash Music Store on 48th Street in New York City.

This particular instrument has delivered magnificent sounds for numerous recordings and performances.

Deagan's wide dampening pedal - the length of the instrument - makes it very easy to pedal and dampen the bars during performance.

I've always thought that the Deagan pedal design was superior to the Musser smaller, centered pedal. The Deagan provides ease and convenience to pedal, without twisting one's body or legs.

To maintain the instrument. over time, the rubber on the posts has been replaced with new. The felt strip has also been replaced. The original adjustable-speed motor for the vibrato has been maintained and works effectively.

There is a custom, padded, soft case with a zipper that was made specifically for the resonator tubes and dampening pedal bar for this instrument and that is included in this offer. The case has a shoulder strap.

The Applied Microphone Technology Custom Microphone Set for Vibraphone is in virtually NEW condition and includes three microphones, connectors, three adjustable clamps for placement of the microphones for performance or recording situations. As of 2023, the price for a new set of AMT Vibes Microphones is around $1,000.

Commander" 592 Vibraphone/ Vibraharp
Condition: Very Good

Price: $4,349 -

Pickup - Philadelphia area or Shipping to be added.

* Deagan 592 Commander Vibraphone (including Frame, Anodized Aluminum Bars, Pedal, Motor)

* Custom-Made Soft Case for the Two Sets of Resonators

* Applied Microphone Technology Set of Three Custom Microphones for Vibraphone for Recording and Performance situations (MINT Condition)

Manufacturer: Deagan
Year of Manufacture: May 1972
Location of Manufacture: Deagan Factory, Chicago, Illinois


pcheckel Tue, 08/01/2023 - 13:11

enthusiasm - Would you consider selling the AMT mics separately (assuming they're still available)? If so, you can email me at