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Steve Weiss Mallet Workshop


I have just set up a new Omega vibe and am running into some difficulties getting the dampening/pedal/sustain adjusted evenly across the instrument. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Bill


tonymiceli Sat, 07/23/2022 - 13:57

sent you an email back! . Talk to Malletech. I can't imagine what your problem is. most of the time it's something simple, or something to get used to.

i have played now many many omegas, and most of the time they are good to go.

make sure you call malletech and get someone to facetime with you.

and i'm always glad to facetime with a new Omega player!

tonymiceli Mon, 07/25/2022 - 09:52

For those interested I talked with Flyingfishdrummer about this.

Omega people have to remember that there are a few things that are different with the instrument and one is the pedal. If you don't spend time understanding how it works then that could cause a problem. The strap method helps on many different levels.

1. if you move your instrument around, you can lose the pole that other instrument makers use.
2. I leave my strap on the pedal and I can't bend it or break it. With my mussers I have broken or bent about 4 pedals over the years. Not a big deal, but that problem doesn't exist here.
3. With this pedal you can adjust the tension by moving the strap towards the back or the front of the pedal. If you're not aware of that, that might mess things up for you when you're playing the instrument. When I show that to people, it makes a huge difference and then everyone can adjust their amount of tension. I put my strap to the front of the pedal which means that moving the pedal a tiny bit moves the damper bar a lot. Putting the strap all the way in the back of the pedal means very little tension but you have to really move the pedal to move the damper bar.

If that doesn't make sense, draw it out on paper and it should make sense.

I really like the pedal system and the flexibility with it. And the fact that it will never break down on you.