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Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Vanderplass e-vibe. It is a little banged up ( 1 dent in the frame a and couple minor scratches on a couple of keys. It plays perfectly, the pedal is super smooth, silicon dampner and is solid, no squeaks, no wobbles.

Imade this website page to show it off...

It has a built in 6 way pre-amp and built in multi-FX's unit (Behringer)

So I'm not really sure it's value, so was wondering if anyone out there has an idea? or wants to buy it. It is pretty unique instrument, and for the right person it will be perfect.

I used it for years when I played in loud latin bands and some more loopy, trippy stuff.Works great with FX's no feedback. Then is became my "quiet" practice instrument I left set up at home while my M-55 stayed in cases, and was just for gigging.

Remember gigs:)

Anyway, I am in Montreal and can ship it anywhere, I priced it at around $450US$ to the USA. I can check for worldwide prices if anyone want to know. I could drive it throughout Eastern Canada, but the USA border is basically closed, so East Coast USA is not an option.....

So who want the coolest looking vibraphone ever????