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ADDED ZOOM LINK - Pop Up Class - I Remember April

This class is for paid subscribers. If you've been thinking about joining vibesworkshop, here is a good opportunity. You get 3 workshops by 3 great vibes players for roughly 20 dollars.

Workshops will be by: Tony Miceli (Feb 15), Behn Gillece (March 1st - 7pm) and Oliver Mayman (March 14, 3pm).

So the next pop up class will be on I Remember April. You have to pass a test to get in the class. First class is February 15th 7pm EST

M55-accordion frame DIY kit

Because of the many requests to build an accordion frame that I simply cannot fulfill, I have developed the frame into a kind of kit that requires very little DIY skills.
Since shipping longer frame components is very expensive, I have defined all of them in such a way that they should be procurable worldwide using the digital data available in the download.

With the new alternately arranged bar posts, the bars are held so securely that they can be held upside down. Nevertheless, they can be easily removed and replaced.

Sunset Glow

I talked in another post about the release of Sunset Glow featuring myself and David Friedman. 

I thought I would embed the CD here for anyone who wants to check it out.