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A comment or note about the paid subscription video lessons.
They are all wonderful and great! As a matter of fact, I'm going to resubscribe to them.

For me I view the vibraphone in mostly the context of a jazz ensemble (trio, quartet, etc. larger). Yes I know there are artists who can play jazz gigs with solo vibes or perhaps a duo with a pianist. But for the most part, jazz vibes is played with an ensemble comprised of a few to several members.

The paid subscription video lessons are a little misleading to me (not in a bad way though). They are presented for the most part, with wonderful voicings and phrasings but they are performed only as solo vibraphone. There is "usually" no other musicians in the lessons such as piano, drums, guitar, trumpet.

It would be great if there were lessons which emphasize ensemble playing, rather than what is there which is solo vibraphone. My thing is "playing vibes in an ensemble setting" rather than solo virtuostic vibes which the lessons seem to emphasize. Again there is nothing "wrong" with that.

And yes it is all 4-mallet. Perhaps some 2 or 3 mallet playing would be helpful.

Thanks for the great site you have here Tony!