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Any ideas for lessons? Post them here.

Forum Topic: Vibe Comping from the perspective of another musician

I'd love to see a lesson where a musician, especially a singer,  plays/sings with vibes comping where they talk about their perspective, i.e. what it is they want to hear. In other lessons Behn has mentioned that he will adjust his comping depending on what the soloist is doing.  For example if the soloist is doing more minor intervals playing the blues he will try to go in a minor direction as well.  A really good way to get more gigs is to make others sound better in the band.  Drummers who figure this out are especially sought after.  Too much spice can ruin the chili. 

Forum Topic: Regarding the paid subscription video lessons

A comment or note about the paid subscription video lessons.
They are all wonderful and great! As a matter of fact, I'm going to resubscribe to them.

For me I view the vibraphone in mostly the context of a jazz ensemble (trio, quartet, etc. larger). Yes I know there are artists who can play jazz gigs with solo vibes or perhaps a duo with a pianist. But for the most part, jazz vibes is played with an ensemble comprised of a few to several members.

Forum Topic: How to practice tunes

Hi guys here is a schedule that you can follow for practising tunes in a proficient way.
I’ve lost and i’m still loosing a tot of time playing around with the instrument but not really studing and fixing anything in my brain so i wrote down this practicing routine. I tested it and it works really good with me… I hope it will work also for you.


1. Choose tunes that you like
2. Listen to different famous versions of the tune (youtube, spotify, Cds, etc…)
3. Correct chords and melody notes from the real book version you have print (a lot of times they are wrong).

Forum Topic: A Standard Practice Routine - Any Suggestions?

I am an amateur vibist--have played 40 years in big bands and quartets and by myself.

I go through lapses of practicing, followed by 'getting back into it.'

I am curious, how do other vibists' daily (3+ times a week?) practice routines look?

For awhile I did the following
- start with major scales in all keys
- diminished scales in all 'keys'
- block chords up and down the vibes (maj7, m7, dim)
- a page or two in Patterns for Jazz
- a couple classical transcriptions (from those three nice transcription books that came out 40 years ago)
- 2-3 Real Book tunes

Forum Topic: Montuno and Latin Pattern ?

Hi everybody!

Somebody can explain how to do a montuno on vibes ? Or comping rythm and voicing in latin-jazz?
I find nothing about it and I don't know how to adapt piano montuno for vibes because we have only 4 fingers and we can't let resound a note more than an other one...
If anyone can help me about it ? ;)


Forum Topic: Beginners Music Theory Books of fundamentals

Scales & lines, chords & changes, phrasing & modes, oh my!

I feel a bit like the lion in The Wizard of Oz ;-) I have been sifting through the site for a few days and I have had some success at trying to learn online. I am a beginner and I know what I do not know, which is a start. I could use a recommendation for a book on the fundamentals of music theory as it relates to my level of (or absence of) knowledge of playing the vibes. Any suggestions?