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Forum Topic: Does anyone know the voltage of the Malletech Omega Vibe motor power supply?

I'm doing a recording session and have misplaced the power supply for the vibrato motor on the Malletech Omega Vibe. I can't recall what voltage it is. If it's something common like 12V then I may be in luck but I definitely don't want to fry it with too much voltage. Thanks!


Forum Topic: Musser M55 post isolators

I'm looking for rubber "licorice" post isolators for a Musser ProVibe. On the Steve Weiss website I found "Musser Marimba Post Isolators", with a list of instruments that these isolators fit. The M55 ProVibe is not listed, but I suspect that they will fit.

Does anyone know a source for these rubber post isolators for the Musser vibe?


Forum Topic: My Experience with Re-Anodizing Musser Vibe Bars

I thought it may be helpful to share my experience with anodizing/re-anodizing Muster vibe bars.  This is a small sample based on unscientific experience of two sets of bars, and a total of three trips to two different anodizers.  I’d sure think long and hard about taking this on myself again.  Take my advice comments at your own risk!  Also not all bars are anodized! Some are painted and/or have a clear coat on them.


Forum Topic: Cheap fix for Musser Vibe Casters

If you have the screw/compression casters and your wheels are wobbly on your M55/M48 (it may work on others), it may be that the rubber inside that is worn out or soft. I got replacement 7/8" compression rubber and the spacers on Ebay and it made a big difference. Just be careful not to overtighten or you can crack the legs. Also, when you take out the old ones make sure you only loosen them enough to pull them out; don't screw them out all the way or the rubber and nut will be stuck up in the leg.


Forum Topic: Squeaky Pedal Treatments?

Hi everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone has found any general at home solutions to helping squeaky pedals? I have a Musser M55 and am noticing a lot of pedal squeaks especially if my pedal is tilted to the side in any way. I am just looking to see if anyone has any advice on how to troubleshoot or help quiet this even a little bit.

I appreciate any ideas you may have!!