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Forum Topic: Piper Musser - pedal disconnected

This week I've been playing a Piper Musser at one of the local community colleges, and a couple days ago the pedal fell complete off... with no apparent way to get it reattached. From what I know at this point, the bolt was cemented in, and we can't get the whole bolt out. What to do? I can upload photos of the problem area if anyone (maybe John Piper?) could advise us.


Forum Topic: Vibes tuning in Canada?

Hey everybody,

I got an old set of Deagan keys I want to get tuned. I have used Gilberto in Chicago before, but am now in Montreal, and was wondering is anyone knows anyone in Canada who is capable. I just don't want to have to deal with USA customs, and extra shipping etc.... (I guess this is where I make some negative comment about Trump, but I just don't have the energy)

you can e-mail me direct with recommendations: mnomusic (at) mac (dot) com




Forum Topic: Musser M55, Minor maintenance

Hey guys, first post! Recently got a wonderful used M55 from the 80's, and only for $800! It's in really excellent condition, but it's definitely an old instrument. I recently bought this repair kit (…~) to replace the felt on the dampening bar and the rubber posts. Might save the cord for when they break.


Forum Topic: M75 Motor trouble

Hi All,

I'm hoping some of the more handy people on the site might be of some help. I acquired an older M75 recently. It's in great shape and plays wonderfully, but the motor got damaged in transit.

This isn't too serious of an issue for me, since I often don't use the motor and I'm not performing on this instrument. But it would be nice to have fixed, as it worked before it got sent to me.


Forum Topic: Loose mallet heads?

Has anyone ever had any problems with mallet heads coming loose?

I've been playing a set of Malletech MM13s for a little over a year now. The yarn is still in good shape, but there is at least one mallet head that keeps coming loose. I end up just screwing it tight, but after a little while of playing it's loose again and makes an undesirable sound when I strike a bar.

Should I just try to unscrew it and put some glue in the hole? I don't want to ruin a set of otherwise good mallets.


Forum Topic: Making the bars an even height on an M55

Hi all,

One thing that has really been making pedaling troublesome for me is the bars being uneven.
I tried using an adjustable wrench to make the keys' beights more even (the F#4 is the worst) but I ended up breaking one of the metal posts.
Does anyone have any tips for making the keybed more even? I understand that wood has a tendency to warp, and that something like carbon fiber would work far better, but that's out of my price range.
EDIT: As a temporary solution I've put tape on the area where the cord rests, raising the bars a bit.