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microphones, midi, dampers what´s up with that?

Forum Topic: Car shopping! (Honda Fit?)

I'm a percussionist who is about to embark on the search for a new vehicle, and will hopefully be starting my search for a vibraphone soon, too. I gig occasionally, and will be doing more of it in the future, so since I'm looking for both things at once, I'm hoping to find 1. a vibraphone that is relatively easy to transport with one person, and 2. a car that will facilitate that. At the moment, I have my eye on a Musser M55, and it's been helpful to read everyone's comments on here.


Forum Topic: malletKat Pro - alternatives to Yamaha Motif XS?

Ok so I'm considering the MalletKat Pro.

So the MalletKat company (AlternateMode) has units such as the Yamaha Motif XS as the sound module.

My question is there any other option not sold or mentioned by AlternateMode, that malletheads are using besides the Motif? Sorry I would be a rookie to the malletkat. I would ask a question on the alternatemode forums but they seem old and full of spam.


Forum Topic: Beiner Bags

Just got my first anti-cat device for the Ωmega, a nice Beiner cover to reduce the infestation of cat fur, also a small roll up bag on the end, real nice material and workmanship. Thank you Grant Beiner!



Forum Topic: Mike Mainieri's Amp -- I feel like such a moron....

Does anyone know what amp Mike Mainieri used for his Pasic concert in indianapolis (or what amp he normally uses) ? I feel like such a moron, because I could have waked up there and checked but it slipped my mind. I guess I was so blown away by the performance I forgot.

Anyhow it looked like a tweed colored Fender type amp, and I'd like to know what it was. It was mic'd into the house PA system.

Even an educated guess would be appreciated. Heck even a wild guess would work.

thanks. --IG


Forum Topic: Ipad vibraphone samples or app?

Hi all, been a long time since I posted on a vibraphone forum (used to post on

Anyway, I'm considering getting a xylosynth (don't fancy a Malletkat because I can't deal with the black coloured notes), and want to use it in conjunction with an Ipad. Anyone come across a good vibraphone app? I have Sampletank, which has some vibraphone samples (and you can change the tremolo speed on them for example, which is good), but a search on the app store didn't bring up anything really good.

Alternatively, if I have to go the module way, is the Yamaha Motif rack the best option?