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Coming Soon - 15 lesson Vibraphone Course

This is a 15 lesson course for the serious vibe player. It's all about goals. You can do this lesson on a weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly basis. You will study with Tony Miceli with online or in person for this course.

It's designed with clear goals for working on technique, harmony, improvisation, ear training and listening.

Goals are the way we get better and they are clear cut ways to see progress. This course is based on fact that by completing lessons completely, at the end of 15 weeks you will be a much different player in many ways. 

Vibes Trailer Hitch

i came across this vibist on King St in Alexandria Virginia a few months ago.  He played while sitting  on an electric personal vehicle which he had fitted with a tow hitch mating with a tow ball at the base of the treble end of his vibraphone.  The vibes when towed rode on the two large wheels at the base end of the frame.  Here’s a video link of his playing

Kenny Werner Talks About the book "Effortless Mastery"

If you haven't heard about this book, check this out. 

There is a lineage of books here, a tree. 

It all starts with Zen and Art or Archery, goes to 'The Inner Game of Tennis' (great great book to read)

Goes to, 'Zen and Art or Motorcycle Maintenance'

'Effortless Mastery' I think comes from this tree of books. They are all great and Kenny's book is great. 

We Can Learn From The Balafon

I am amazed by Balifon players. I'm amazed how people play solo on different instruments. Here's a guy playing 2 mallets and singing and play melody and harmony. 


I think in many ways simplicity is the way to achieve this. Also remembering that each not helps provide time and the groove. 


What do you think?