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Vibraphonics update at

There are a couple new Vibraphonics gizmos in my store. Here's the latest.… 

Also, if you've been thinking about upgrading to the PIPERvibe Gel Pad or purchasing my new book "Seven Songs For Vibraphone" or any physical (not digital) items in the store , now's the time. With each order for a limited time, I'll including a complete full instrument set of bar post insulators (90 insulators). 

Summer Lesson with Tony

It's been a few since I've had a lesson with Tony. Between work travel and some home construction projects my life got a bit crazy. However, I've been able to maintain consistent practice and chip away at the last lesson work.  

First up I told Tony I'd like to work on All of Me, and he suggested figuring it out as a chord melody, so here is my effort with that. I love the chord changes in this tune. They really transport you to a sound in history. I know a lot of folks probably get tired of this tune getting called at jams but I can't help but always dig it haha.