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Crazy Mallets

Many years ago I heard a recording of Joel M. Ross on Youtube where he had taped his mallets. I found the subtle noise when playing very interesting, but the mallets were always too expensive for me to ruin the winding with tape. 
With my mallet winding machine, I was able to take up the idea from back then again and made my first test mallet with a "striking sound".
The video contains a first quick & dirty test and describes how I made the mallet.

New Year Stablemates Practice

I was inspired by Tony to practice Stablemates. This is a QDV of a brief practice session. I'm working on playing the head with chords and then playing lines over the changes. I feel pretty good about the former, but it's difficult for me to play one or more choruses without losing the time or otherwise messing up (as you can hear multiple times). Any suggestions on how to improve at this are appreciated!


Nobody Else But me - Lesson 1 - Get Your Time Together

Ok this is super challenging. Here’s what I did. I recorded the vibes first with no click track and then I added bass after. This was HARD.

The lesson is


  • To memorize the melody
  • Record the melody then do something over top of it. Snap your fingers on 2 and 4. If you play drums get brushes and play along, or do what I did and that is to play a bass line.