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A Huge List of Solo Cds

How people handle their musical material is always interesting to me. As you guys know I talk with lots of students about solo playing. I believe you should spend a lot of time (in your mind) walking on stage and playing a piece or two as if there is an audience. The best way I know of to simulate that is to record your performance. video is best. Then you have to look at yourself!

On facebook I asked for a list of solo cd favs. Here's the list I got:

You Can Take Only 1 Vibe CD With You

Only 1. What would it be? Just one.

Forget the desert island, let's just say you're going away for 6 months and for whatever reason you can only bring one cd with you. (Just a way to build a best of list)

Hmmm and how about this: once the CD is posted you can't take that CD. That will help us build an interesting list of cds, I think.

My pick would be 'Alone - Gary Burton'.

Mike Pintos new Album "Prologue"

Hi everyone, I was going wait until the album was available on itunes and amazon until I announced this but I have no clue when thats going to happen BUT the CD and MP3 CAN be purchased through the label website right now!

My new (first) album "Prologue" is now available!
I'm going to provide an MP3 of one of the tracks plus the pdf of the chart only for vibesworkshoppers!

Check it out, let me know what you think!

If you want to purchase the CD or MP3s you can get them from: