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Hi All,

I have an old Jenco set and the case that I have for the resonators is literally falling apart. I was thinking about getting a custom soft case built to carry the resonators and wanted to know if anyone had a recommendation for a good company that can make one that won't be too expensive.

I would consider a hard case, especially if there is a stock one that is about the right size and doesn't have to be custom built. Doesn't need to be fancy as I have been dragging around the original case for years even though it is very flimsy.


Dcramer Tue, 03/18/2014 - 20:30

I have an old set of Jencos that I sometimes pack around but I don't have a case, I've often thought however that a big bag like you'd use for keyboards or light cans might work? I know a company called Levy makes such bags.