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Talk about the companies making the vibes and mallets!

Forum Topic: Look Mom, No Resonators (Modified, Electrified M55)

Just thought I'd bump this and make some minor edits. 

To my fellow equipment Junkies: I built this vibe from M55 Parts and a K&K pickup system (pics below). **If you don't like the sound I'd love to get that feedback too** 

I play vibes in an amateur big band and I could never keep the drums and band out of the mics if I turned it up loud enough to be heard.  I'm sure if I got the right, mics the right amp/mixer and a drummer who doesn't play at one volume during sound checks and then 10 times louder during the gig, overhead mics would sound better. 

Forum Topic: Matte versus glossy finish

Hey all,

I'm a new member here, enjoying the site so far. I have been the proud owner of a well-worn Musser One-Niter for almost a decade (the instrument is probably 30-40 years old at this point). The tone and sustain are actually really good after replacing the felt dampening strip and suspension cords, and with the right mallets (which are the Gary Burton model for me). The intonation is good, there are a few bars that have character.

Forum Topic: an Idea for a new specialty mallet for Tony to work on

One thing about playing on the Mallet station (I'm assuming the same is true for the malletkat) that is kind annoying is the unnatural bounce of the mallet after the strike. It would be great if somebody designed a mallet that articulates on the instrument yet doesn't bounce off the bar. Any Mallet controller players out there have any thought on this?

Forum Topic: Where can i see the Omega Vibe in the uk?

Hi All,
Im currently selling off my guitar collection as i no longer play, the vibes have taken over! Im considering upgrading my very tired Premier 701 vibes to a Malletech Omega vibe but would really like to see/play one prior to spending that sort of money! Are there any shops in the uk which actually has one in stock that i can road test?
Any help would be appreciated or some feedback from Omega owners?


Forum Topic: MIDI vibes

Hello - I'm a veteren jazz pianist making my way towards vibes and appreciate help.

I'd like to get feedback on artists using midi/digital instruments for vibes. I already have a physical modeling studio in my home and wondering about learning vibes using MIDI vs. the real deal since I'm and mostly playing there with occasional gigs out.