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I am a college student looking to get my own set of vibes post-graduation. I see that most people around this site endorse the M55 models by Musser. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on Adams vibraphones? I am looking into their "concert" vibraphone that looks nice enough and still quite cheaper than an M-55.




tonymiceli Tue, 01/28/2014 - 12:01

i endorse the omega vibe. which i really love.

but i'll just say this. make sure whatever you get, that the instrument is easy to pack up and very portable.

that is, it packs up quick.

sets up quick.

this way you will want to go to jam sessions and play.

if your instrument takes 45 miniutes to set up (just sayin) then you won't want to move it.

Tylerblanton Wed, 01/29/2014 - 15:48

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the voyager frame is a little overbuilt, but its simple to put together. When I first bought mine in 2005 the bars were out of tune, which was a drag.

Joe Donovan Sat, 01/24/2015 - 12:54

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I ordered an Adams vibe in Oct 2014 and was told by Percussion Source that Adams was freezing production because of quality control with the motors. I switched to the M55 instead.