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Mainly due to the fact that it is much much too short for me, and I don't presently have the money for a new instrument, I'm wanting to have a new frame made for my Deagan Commander. I'm worried that it would affect the resale value of the instrument, though, seeing as how they are no longer in production. Is anyone here able to say one way or the other?

Also, does anyone have suggestions regarding frame builders? My first and only thought was Fall Creek Marimbas.

All comments on this are very appreciated.



Randy_Sutin Sat, 01/24/2015 - 11:56

In fact, Bill may even already have a commander there that he is about to rebuild. There was one sitting in the corner the last time I was in the shop several months ago. If yours needs parts and that one needs parts, there may be a full one between the two.

Best of luck.