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Listening to music

Over the last week, I’ve been stuck in bed with a fever from COVID, so what else was there to do but listen to music?  (Rhetorical question) ...I began pondering whether what I doing was a waste of time.  WTF?  Was my fever making me irrational?  Of course, listening was great to do, so what was going on?

Here’s what I busted myself for doing: just lying there enjoying what I was listening to and letting it roll over me; I wasn’t in analytical or critical mode, nor was I trying to learn music.

March 27th 12pm East Coast Time - Tune Talk - Israel

Come hang with us and talk about the tune Israel.

I'll be talking with Behn Gillece and Oliver Mayman


Work on the tune for the next couple weeks. Learn it and play it. Write down questions. 


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Drums in the vibes mics

In a recent post, I was asked about how I would keep the drums out of the vibes mics.  It's an age-old problem that nearly all of us have experienced.

Obviously, in a recording studio, the answer is to banish the drummer to a booth.  Situation resolved. Any bleed beyond that can be removed with software in post production.

Chords and Voicings

I was just blown away looking at our Vbooks section. That is Virtual Books. 


I was putting something in the chords section and I couldn't believe how many lessons were in there! 

The thing about vibesWorkshop is you just look for stuff to practice. I don't think we necessarily need a sequence, we just need to learn and practice. Yes with a teacher it's more about sequence I guess, but here you can just look around.

Click here to go to the chords section of the V-books

Hope you are working on Just In Time - Don't Forget Our Pop Up Class

I hope you're working on Just In Time.

No matter what level you are at, it's worth it to work along with us.
Even just learning the melody and the chords is something.

If you're knew at this, read through one of the etudes or solos. Think about the chords and what's happening. Maybe you will have questions.

That brings us to the pop up class for subscribers. Here's a chance for us to come together and talk about stuff, around this tune (Just In Time).