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Forum Topic: Lessons in the Vibes Lessons and Technique section


I finally got myself a vibraphone and I might take the advantage of the 'Subscriber' status but I need to know if I will get the following lessons/instructions in the 'Vibes Lessons and Technique section':

- The very basic info on sticking: Given a Major scale I need to know what sticking order I need to use. Left-right-left-right... or maybe there are some tips and tricks I'm nor aware of?

- The same with arpeggios and other melodic structures - are all tips and tricks there?

- Pedalling - exactly why/when and how to pedal to get the most out of the instrument.

Forum Topic: New, what to do?

I'm new to the vibraphone, I've listened to them all my life ( i'm 60) but only play piano & chromatic harmonic and that's questionable! A Malletech Omega is on the way, I have mallets and the Stevens MOM book, even found someone a couple hours away that showed me the grip? I'm banging on a table but am starting to be able to control them a bit, 4 mallets. I've found different lesson plans...where should I start with the resources available here?

Forum Topic: I am new to this site and to the vibes and need some direction

This forum pertains to "the school" but I am not sure I know what the school is. I assume it relates to the 500+ lessons that are contained in the site. Before I subscribe (even before I take the 24hr trial) I would like to understand the way the school operates. I took private weekly lessons for a few months a decade ago, my teacher was great and it worked well for me. I was making steady progress but since then my vibes has been neglected. I am not in a position to take private lessons now. I tried a few of the video/dvd and book instructions and they have not been very useful.