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Last summer I donated my vintage M55 that was in need of repair to the Good Vibes project (John Piper). He was able to rebuild it (better than new) and send it on to a deserving student who is now benefiting from his kindness and expertise. A few months later on November 1st, I ordered a Malletech Omega Custom Pro from Steve Weiss music. I was originally told it would ship within 90 - 120 days. At this point it's been over 150 days. I've already missed a few gigs and if I don't receive it by April 15 I'll be disappointing my music teacher daughter and a school full of K-5 students and their parents. I accompany the students for their spring music program every year on the vibes and play music before the program starts. It's unique and always appreciated by students and parents. Has anyone else tried to by a new instrument recently?


tonymiceli Fri, 04/07/2023 - 20:05

Yes, it's the same problem that's effecting lots of manufacturers all over the world. It's the supply chain. I know it first hand from talking to Leigh. I know that there are delays getting parts and metals and whatever else goes into the instrument. A lot of instrument makers are having the same problem. You can't blame them for this part. And the Omega is made really well with great 'ingredients'. There are not substitutes, really.

So as a result it's taking longer to get instruments out the door. Add to the fact that orders are through the roof and you have the perfect storm.
I'm really sorry you are having trouble getting the instrument!

khvibes Sat, 04/08/2023 - 10:30

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Thanks Tony,
I understand it's not their fault, but still having a hard time being patient. The word from Malletech as of a few days ago is that the Frame & Resonators are done. They were waiting on bars coming from a third party and hoped to ship next week or the week after. I'm looking forward to joining the Omega Club. I hope supply chain issues clear up for future customers.

tonymiceli Sun, 04/09/2023 - 22:39

i get the impatient part. I'm very very impatient!!!!
Have fun with the instrument. Just make sure you learn about it a little bit. The pedal especially. Moving the strap from the back of the pedal to the front is a huge difference. Find what is comfortable for you. I like it all the way up front.