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LIVE AND IN PERSON! Philadelphia, PA! A week of intense
work on playing the vibes or marimba in a jazz setting as well as a weekend of great concerts. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. Appearing at the workshop or in concert: ,  Leigh Stevens, David Friedman, Warren Wolf, Jay Hoggard, Andrea Venet, Jay Hoggard, Behn Gillece, Oliver Mayman

Who's Playing

  • Ed Saindon does a beautiful version of Joni Mitchells, "Both Sides Now".
    Click here to listen to it.
  • Oliver Mayman plays Bolivia with Temple Students
    (and vocals). Listen to his intro, do you hear
    it right before the melody comes in?
    Click here.
  • Here is sirabhorn's version of Isreal.
    Click here.
  • Patrice also plays a great version of Israel.
    Click here.

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Vibe Talk

David's Take on Israel

David taught with Johnny Carisi, who is the
composer of Israel. He gives his take on the tune.
Click here.


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