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Geat jazz tunes and originals

Forum Topic: Sask Music Conference Performance

I was asked to do a solo vibes performance video for an online music conference happening in Saskatchewan next month. I did a three song set of continuous music segueing from song to song. If anyone is interested in checking it out I put it up as an unlisted video on youtube. Here's the link:

Forum Topic: Viktor Benev Quartet two singles on Bandcamp

Greetings everyone, it's been a while since i recorded those with my quartet. I thought i'd share them. You can also download them for free. The musicians: Gabriel Boyault(sax tenor and soprano), Victor Aubert(b), Elie Martin-Charriere(drums) and myself on vibes.

Forum Topic: Christian Tamburr Trio Recording "La Lucha Duro" - feat: C. Tamburr (vb), Takana Miyamoto Keita Ogawa (perc.)

I have a brand new trio album coming out in just under a month. The new record titled "People Talk" will featuring myself on vibes, pianist Takana Miyamoto and percussionist Keita Ogawa. I wanted to share a tune from the record prior to its release called "La Lucho Duro" which means 'The Hard Fight'.

This is an original composition and influenced by one of my favorite tunes, Armando's Tango. I hope you enjoy and if anyone is interested in sheet music for both the piano part and vibe part please feel free to reach out.

All my best,

Christian Tamburr

Forum Topic: Beautiful duet for vibraphone and harp

Hello, dear musicians !

( Please forgive my English … )

To all those players who are interested in contemporary music for vibraphone from the „classical“, „non-jazz“ sphere, I would like to introduce and recommend a duet for vibes and harp, called „Leysingar ( spring thaw )“ by the composer Kristján Guðjónsson from Iceland.
It´s world premiere took place in Iceland in 2012 and was performed by the Iceland-resident „Duo Harpverk“, which are American harpist Katie Buckley and Dutch Percussionist Frank Aarnink.

Forum Topic: New Composition - Groove Train - Concerto for Drumset, Percussion Ensemble, Brass, and Woodwinds


I thought I would share my latest composition. Program notes about the piece are under "show more" of the youtube page.



Forum Topic: Jean-Baptiste Boclé Video "Sugar Creek" on Gldas Boclé's new release

Hi, my bass playing brother Gildas has a new CD out and I play on a few tunes, this is one of them called "Sugar Creek" a fun piece with a folk flavor featuring Vibes and steel string guitars.

Gildas Bocle is on Bass , Simon Bernier on Drums, Jerome Barde is on Guitar1 and takes the first solo (folowed by Vibes around 2:00), Taofik Farah is playing Guitar 2.