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New Solo Vibraphone Piece!!

This is a solo vibe piece Tony Miceli commissioned me to write for him. Let me know what you guys think! These are the program notes I wrote for the piece:

This piece was written in April of 2024 upon commission from Tony Miceli, professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While taking private lessons with him, we began experimenting with timbral effects on the vibraphone, and one of my assignments was to write a solo vibraphone piece surrounding this idea. Thus, this piece was born.

New Etude for Vibraphone

This is a newly published etude for Vibraphone by Joke van Dal-Kleijne.

It was very challenging, so it may be a good piece for more advanced players here on the site to work on.  It took me about four months to be able to get through a clean pass recording it.  I'm sure some of you can put it together quicker than that, but it's a challenge, no doubt... as a good etude should be.  You'll learn a lot about mallet positioning and sticking choices.  I did and I've been at this 45+ years.  :)